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Carmen Hurtado, Chile - Severe burn

Carmen Hurtado, Chile - Severe burn

Carmen Hurtado
Elqui Valley, Cochiguaz, Chile
Severe burn

  • During final preparations for an overseas trip a pot full of hot oil that I had set up for frying, slipped and the hot oil ran over my right hand.
  • My hand changed into all kinds of colors and in that moment it was time to prove my faith in the Agnihotra ash, which I had given to so many others.
  • I put my hand in a clay pot filled with the ash of many Agnihotra fires and spent the whole night like that.
  • The next morning I decided not to go to the hospital, and not to receive any type of treatment, because being a nurse I knew that they would carry out a surgical cleaning and I wanted to leave after two days for my trip to Switzerland.
  • I left with a package of Agnihotra ash and my hand wrapped in many gauzes with lots of ash.
  • I spent the two months this way, renewing only the bandage with the ash, without surgical cleaning.
  • To my surprise, after going through the blister stage, the hand was healing and never became infected.
  • This way it was drying out and when I returned from my trip, two months later, the skin on my hand was smooth and there was no scar.
  • I didn't have any mobility problem with the fingers although I had suffered a severe, second degree burn that would probably have left scars using conventional medicine.