Homa Therapy Helpline for India.

10am to 5pm

09522333969, 09826985222 (Hindi)
09755004401, 09158202742 (English)
09923552154 (Marathi)

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Homa Therapy Products

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Dried Cow Dung Cakes (50)

Dried Cow Dung Cakes

High quality Organic Dried Cow Dung Cakes from contented cows on the Tapovan Homa Organic Farm and neighbouring Goshalas in North Maharashtra and MP.
Packed in bags of 50 pieces.
50 pieces will last approximately 12 days if you practise Agnihotra twice in a day.

Includes postage and packing charges.


Brainstorming Conference Booklet

Brainstorming Conference (e-book)

Fivefold Path Mission, India presents Brainstorming Conference in Co-operation with Planning Commission, Government of India.

"Bringing Homa Organic Farming into the Mainstream of Indian Agriculture System"

Dr Ulrich Berk, Bruce Johnson (editors)

First Edition: 2009
ISBN: 81-902660-6-3


Dried Cow Dung Balls (100)


Dried Cow Dung Balls

Suitable for use in Om Tryambakam Homa. One piece can burn for up to one hour.

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