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Gustavo Alvarez, Ecuador - High Blood Pressure

Gustavo Alvarez, Ecuador - High Blood Pressure

Gustavo Alvarez
Guayaquil, Ecuador
High Blood Pressure

I suffered from high blood pressure and had to take pills constantly.
If I did not take them, I felt bad and the doctors told me that I have to take them every day.
With the fires of Homa Therapy I feel very well.
Now it has been three months since I stopped taking the pills and I feel magnificent. 
When I get up now in the morning my blood pressure is normal. Now I feel well, the things I do, I do with energy and they come out well, with success.
I have told many people that it seems like I have found a hidden treasure with the Agnihotra ash and I give it to all people, friends, neighbors, and family.
For me this is something that I have never seen before and it is powerful.
I thank those who taught me the Homa Therapy and I thank God.