Homa Therapy Helpline for India.

10am to 5pm

09522333969, 09826985222 (Hindi)
09755004401, 09158202742 (English)
09923552154 (Marathi)

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Order Form for Agnihotra Kit

Here you can submit an order for an Agnihotra kit which can be sent anywhere within India.
(Please note: We do not export outside India)
Prices including packing and postage within India:
Agnihotra Copper Pyramid - ₹625
Agnihotra Set of Copper Utensils - ₹975
(includes copper pyramid, small copper spoon, copper dish, copper stand, copper tongs)

Please submit the form and after some time banking instructions will be sent to your email.
If you have a gmail account, please check your SPAM folder for important emails.

Agnihotra Copper Pyramid of exact shape and size. Ideal for Agnihotra.
Includes postage and packing.
Price: ₹625

Agnihotra Set includes the Agnihotra Copper Pyramid, copper dish, copper spoon, copper tongs and copper stand.
Includes postage and packing.
Price: ₹975



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