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Vicente Gutierrez, Ecuador - Cysticircosis

Vicente Gutierrez,
Guayaquil, Ecuador

On May 12th, 1999 I had a convulsion. I was treated by the Neurological Specialist Dr. Xavier Campos. A CT scan was taken and I came to know that I had a cyst in my brain. For the next 3 months I had many appointments with my doctor, but the medication I got did not show any results. Then in the month of March, 2002 I had my fourth CT scan taken and the doctor said that there was no improvement. He prescribed another medication. I was very worried. I fell into a deep depression. There were moments where I lost my memory, I could not remember anything. My wife did not know what to do. Then, she had a conversation with a friend who knew Homa Therapy. Through this person we arrived in the clinic of Dr. Peterson and his wife Sonia. There I started with Homa Therapy and I also got some Reiki treatment. During the Agnihotra fire my whole body felt very relaxed. I was given Agnihotra ash and I feel very relaxed when I take it. Thanks to this treatment, I am overcoming my depression and I am out of danger with the Cysticircosis.

On June 21st I had my fifth CT scan done. Dr. Xavier Campos surprisingly said that the lesions due to the parasites had calcified. He did not prescribe any further medication. I only took the Agnihotra ash for 7 weeks. I am very grateful that I had the possibility to learn about the healing fires.

Vicente Gutierrez, Ecuador  - Cysticircosis