Light Towards Divine Path (Marathi)


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Light Towards Divine Path –
A Simple Guide to Happiness
by: Shree Vasant V. Paranjpe

58 pages. New edition.

The time is most opportune for us to follow the blueprint of cosmic wisdom given through the Vedas, the most ancient wisdom known to the human race. This knowledge is not a monopoly of any country or community. It is the common patrimony of the human race given through a language as old as creation.

The Fivefold Path of Vedic Wisdom is the blueprint for happy living on earth. The path is charted. However, each one of us has to do that mapping. What religion calls GRACE is merely the fundamental law of cosmic scriptures which states, “Take care of your Karma and the rest will take care of itself.”

The Fivefold Path:

Practice AGNIHOTRA – for purification of the atmosphere which leads to unburdening the mind.
Practice DAAN – (sharing of assests in a spirit of humility) for reducing attachment to worldly possessions.
Practice TAPA – (self-discipline) for fruition of thy affirmations.
Practice KARMA – (good actions without attachment to the fruit thereof) for self-purification.
Practice SWADHYAYA – (Self-study, Who am I?) for liberation.

Also available in English.