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Now Available - Pure Desi Ghee

Our first shipment has arrived of Pure Desi Ghee from Gujarat. It is very high quality. We will call it Pure Krishna Desi Ghee to distinguish it from the Pure Desi Ghee which is available locally.

Many people have asked what is the difference between Pure Krishna Desi Ghee and the Pure Desi Ghee. The difference is in the way the ghee is made. Normally commercial ghee is made by first separating the cream from the milk. Then the ghee is made from this cream.

Pure Krishna Desi Cow's Ghee is manufactured by Shri Krishna method, that means using the full cream milk to make curd and then ghee. Not simply separating the cream from the milk and using this cream only to make the ghee.

Many people believe that only pure Indian breed cow's ghee should be used for Agnihotra. But this is not correct. Of course, the desi cow is superior to the hybrid cow breeds like Jersey, Fresian, Holstein. And hence the ghee will also be superior. But our Guruji has told that for Agnihotra, the ghee from any cow will do. Now Agnihotra has become very popular in the western countries and many people have reported miraculous results. But there are very few Desi cows in the west. So these wonderful results with Agnihotra in the west have been achieved mostly with non-desi cow's ghee. This is why we provide two types of ghee in online shop. Now we offer a third type of ghee - Pure Krishna Desi Cow's Ghee.

Our Pure Cow's Ghee is sourced from mixed breeds of cow, including Indian cows and it is provided as optional. However, it is also suitable for Agnihotra practice.

Pure Desi Cow's Ghee

Pure Desi Cow's Ghee is again available in our online shop. Please make your order here.

The herd of Kathiawadi desi cows in Amalner, Dist: Jalgaon, from which we source our Pure Desi Cow's Ghee.

Homa Organic Superfoods Now Available

Homa Organic Superfoods are now available from online shop. Grown in the powerful Homa healing atmosphere of Tapovan, Maharashtra. Here Agnihotra Ayurvedic copper pyramid healing fire is practised twice daily creating a pure environment full of nutrition. Plants grown in this atmosphere manifest special healing qualities.

We have available:

  • Homa Organic Turmeric Powder
  • Homa Organic Ginger Powder
  • Homa Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

More powerfully nutritious superfoods will be added from time to time.

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