Why Homa Organic Farming?

The 20th century saw some amazing advances in agriculture technology.

  • agro-chemicals
  • hybrid seeds
  • microbiology
  • genetic engineering
  • Bt cotton
  • terminator gene

However, despite these great technological advances, farmers are still facing severe difficulties in several parts of the world. 

  • In Russia food production has been halved due to lack of nutrition in the soil, air and water.
  • In Amazon region of South America soil degradation and plant diseases are causing serious problems for farmers.
  • In Europe much of the food is radioactive.
  • In India, many farmers caught in a debt spiral, resort to suicide.
  • In the last two years the human population consumed more food than was grown.

Medicinal Plants

  • The essential qualities of plants have been degraded due to severe pollution.
  • Medicinal herbs, in particular, now exhibit less potency than in previous eras.
  • Greater quantities are now required to produce the same result.

There is a Solution…
The solution to these problems lies in 21st century technology …

… super science from Vruksha Ayurveda …

More detailed information in the extract by Shree Vasant V. Paranjpe in English and Hindi.
Homa Farming e-Book available in English and Hindi