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The online shop is again back in operation.  Most consumable items like cow dung cakes, ghee and rice are available. Other items may come back online soon. Please check regularly for updates.

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Agnihotra Spreads in Bhintghar, Surgana, Nashik, Maharashtra

 Mr. Rohan Bhosale from Nashik wrote of his recent trip to a tribal village:
"Agnihotra Prachar (Dissemination)"

        On the occasion of the Tripurari Pournima holiday (a special full moon day, known as Dipawali, whose spiritual meaning is: victory of light over darkness, of wisdom over ignorance), we visited a village of tribal people, called Bhintghar in Surgana Tahashil, Maharashtra state. It is a town consisting of only 70 to 80 families.
       We performed Agnihotra in the company of the families in the Goshala (cattle stable) and in the town square. We did also Tryambakam Homa with them and were also able to share the teachings of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj. Continue reading “Agnihotra Spreads in Bhintghar, Surgana, Nashik, Maharashtra”

World Agnihotra Day 2020

      Our mission of Group Chanting & Agnihotra every Sunday, continued for the last 80 weeks consistently. (Except for last weeks due to Lockdown by the Government we couldn’t assemble).

That Sunday activity has helped us create awareness amongst the people & the Agnihotra performers are increasing. If not every house – at least in every lane in our city there should be one family who performs Agnihotra is the mission!
We observed World Agnihotra Day, for consecutive 10th year now, on 12th March at our factory.

Continue reading “World Agnihotra Day 2020”

‘Life Security on Earth’ – Conference in Mandu, MP

From February 22–24, 2020, the Zoological Society of India sponsored a conference, "Life Security on Earth". The event, organized by Adarsha College (Mandaleshwar) and College President, Dr Shailendra Sharma, took place in the historic setting of Mandu, in an ancient temple complex.
Presenters included Mr Reiner Szcypior, Austria, and Dr Ulrich Berk, Germany, who spoke on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy as effective tools to address impending human and ecological destruction.

Other invited participants in the conference were Mr Sarvajit Paranjpe and others from Fivefold Path Mission of Maheshwar, India. Continue reading “‘Life Security on Earth’ – Conference in Mandu, MP”

Scientific Research on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy – Interview

Dr Ulrich Berk interviewed by Subodh Cothran
on Hindu Voices Podcast
13th November, 2019

(Homa Therapy is taught as a science which benefits body, mind and environment, and is not affiliated with any religion. Agnihotra is open to all regardless of caste or creed. Agnihotra comes from Vedas; Vedic knowledge existed long before religions and cultures, and is the common inheritance of all mankind.)

Future Event – Swarg Yag in Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, MP

Dear Family,
We have organized Swarg Yag from 2-8 February 2020, at Homa Therapy Goshala at Maheshwar, India.
Swarg smeans Heaven. We think that Swarg is a state which we achieve after leaving this body. But more so it is to walk on ‘Su-Marg’. ‘Su’- means ‘Right’ and ‘Marg’- means ‘Path’. It is actually to Walk on Right Path. Means, if we walk on Right Path we will achieve a state of Happiness, means Heaven, here itself. If we live a Righteous Life with the right values and principles, we will achieve the state of Happiness- the Heaven here and now. Continue reading “Future Event – Swarg Yag in Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, MP”

Daily Agnihotra – an Essential Part of Vedic Lifestyle

DAILY AGNIHOTRA is an essential part of our Vedic lifestyle. It is wonderfully short, simple and effective ritual conducing in overall wellbeing and happiness for all. Just as the air, the Sun, the Moon, the stars equally belong to all, similarly Agnihotra also belong to entire humanity irrespective of country, colour, caste or creed. Thus, the Vedic practice of Agnihotra and its benefits belong to the entire humanity.

Agnihotra is not only a saviour but also a rejuvenator of life. Agnihotra cures the environmental pollution in our homes, our localities and our villages, towns and cities. At the same time, it fights mental psychological tensions and set off atmospheric vibrations which exert wondrous curative influence on minds and bodies of individuals and groups. The benefits extend even to house pets, birds, animals, plants and trees. Continue reading “Daily Agnihotra – an Essential Part of Vedic Lifestyle”

Agnihotra at Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

 Since this year 2019, I, Anupa Rajput, from Belgaum, Karnataka, India, am doing Agnihotra regularly. And I decided to do it during my Everest Base Camp Trek. We started our trek from Lukla, Nepal & reached Namche Bazar (3440m altitude) on time in the evening before sunset and so I did Agnihotra along with the team members and other residents of the hotel.
 Everybody felt happy with the process & during my further trek I drank water with Agnihotra ash continuously which protected me from high altitude sickness.
This was my ultimate experience.
(Photo: Anupa Rajput in the Base Camp Namche Bazar at a height of 3,440 meters above sea level, practicing Agnihotra.)