Agnihotra Spreads in Bhintghar, Surgana, Nashik, Maharashtra

 Mr. Rohan Bhosale from Nashik wrote of his recent trip to a tribal village:
"Agnihotra Prachar (Dissemination)"

        On the occasion of the Tripurari Pournima holiday (a special full moon day, known as Dipawali, whose spiritual meaning is: victory of light over darkness, of wisdom over ignorance), we visited a village of tribal people, called Bhintghar in Surgana Tahashil, Maharashtra state. It is a town consisting of only 70 to 80 families.
       We performed Agnihotra in the company of the families in the Goshala (cattle stable) and in the town square. We did also Tryambakam Homa with them and were also able to share the teachings of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj.

      They felt very lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to participate in the Homa fires.
 For some of them, this has been the first time in their life.

       They were very surprised and excited when they learned that this Agnihotra and Panchsadhan (teachings and practices of the Vedas, which is the oldest knowledge on our planet) is something that they too can practice for their own benefit.

     Now, the daily practice of Agnihotra has started in the Goshala of this village and especially many children participate.

Photos below: Agnihotra in the Goshala (cow stable)

    Mr. Popte is the devoted caretaker of the Goshala and in social services. At age 79 he is working hard to guide tribal children to a brighter future.
         Mr. Ravi Kalamblekar from Nashik City, is supporting the Goshala and the tribals in their progress in socio-economic ways; he is a man always ready to help those in need who seek to improve their situation.
          Photo above from left to right: Mr. Ravindra Wakchaure, Mr. Rohan Bhosale, Mr. Ravi Kalamblekar and Mr. Popate  organized this healing and educative activity.

Photos left:
Mr. Rohan & his wife Kavita
practice Agnihotra daily in their home and have many wonderful experiences. They live in Nashik city, Maharashtra.