Tapovan Terrace Garden

“A roof top garden is an alternative solution to the family garden. Aaron, our son (Photo left), has been blessed with green fingers and it was his idea to utilize this handy space.

It is close to our eating area and kitchen and would use minimum water as it would be hand-watered with every drop going into the potted plants.
Many of our heirloom organic seeds are gathered from various countries, we almost never plant seedlings (which are small plants). The Vegetables and fruits include arugula, wild rocket, rocket, mustard greens, various asian greens, herbs, corn, cucumber, eggplant, squash, basil, spinach, bush beans, climbing beans as well as a number of Indian varieties, sweet potato, pumpkin, banana, guava, mango, papaya, lime, fig, Chikoo, passionfruit, custard apple and Indian culinary herbs. 
Photos below from the Tapovan rooftop vegetable garden.

“This step has made a huge difference. In a very short space of time, a few months, the garden is thriving and providing a variety of fresh greens every day. There has been enough daily growth to feed many guests with fresh salad, steamed greens, aromatic teas, etc.

Due to the proximity to the kitchen, the economy in the use of our energy and the health value of "directly from the garden to the plate",  is an unbeatable alternative.
No refrigeration is necessary. The freshness restores health and energizes mind and body.
Vertical space such as a steel structure for support, shade cloth when needed, as well as horizontal space may be utilized to provide more space for pots either on a shelving system or hanging baskets with different herbs and microgreens.
There are fruit trees in pots thriving after being dug up from the dry ground outside (almost dead).Now they are bearing new fruit, and happy with their new home.
The rooftop garden is now a permanent project. And we hope many people read this and realize that they too can have a continuous supply of fresh greens and other veggies to steam. Planting in pots close to their kitchen or on a suitable space on the roof … is the way to go.

The Tapovan rooftop garden can feed many people with a wide variety of fresh leafy greens, veggies, herbs, etc. This is a healthy, ecological and economic alternative.