Manmohanjit Cheema’s Story

     I started Agnihotra 12 to 13 years ago. However, after participating in a Somayag several years ago, I have been doing Agnihotra regularly.
I am enjoying doing Agnihotra every morning, be it winter, rainy season or summer.
I even carry the Agnihotra equipment with me when I go on a trip.
My wife and daughter do the sunset Agnihotra.
 In our school, we have 425 plus students from junior kindergarten up to 10th standard.
Our family lives on the school grounds and since we do Agnihotra every day, there is a benefit for all the children.

(Photo: Prof. Cheema and his wife Sarbjeet, both teachers in their school.)

   Our graduate students are doing very well in the universities at the national and international level.
 They are the top students in whatever college or university they are at.    Our Children do Yoga every morning. And whenever we have a trainings camp, they also do Agnihotra morning and evening, and Tryambakam Homa. The results are good for us. We have national medals in sports and we have national medals in general knowledge competitions. One of our students has become 4th in the 10th standard competition and one was 1st in mathematics on international level.
   We have done some experiments with students suffering from asthma. We asked them to sit in front of the Homa fire and its smoke and they had no reaction. Then they started doing Agnihotra in their homes. They got healthy and also improved in their studies.
We hardly see a child that comes for the first time to school and cries for more than one day. After the first day, they understand and feel that they are in a better place. They come running to the school and try to delay their leaving the school. This is what we have seen. They are happy to be in the school. The positive attitude has been developed among the students and the teachers. They are ready to give a helping hand to everybody. Boys and girls study together and respect each other.
My experience is that when I get up in the morning, I make a list of things to be done for the day and then I do Agnihotra. And by the end of the day, 90% of the list work is done and sometimes I don’t know how. Everything flows.
My oldest daughter is the youngest junior lady officer in the Indian army. She was 21 when she was commissioned. She is  Lieutenant Rajsimram Cheema and she does Agnihotra, wherever she is posted. Also my younger daughter, Rajwansh Cheema, is an excellent and outstanding student. Both are very helpful and kind. Both of them have medals in sports and education.
Our staff is also very good. The parents of the children are very cooperative, they follow the rules and they know the school is a good place for their children.
We see the children from different communities doing the Homa fires with no problems. We do not propagate religion. Homa Therapy is a scientific process. We keep Religion out of our school. Inside the school, we only have education, discipline and dedication.