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Tapovan is an ancient place of Healing Fires. During the course of time this practice was lost and now it is being revived.

Tapovan is a practical example of the healing power of Agnihotra and other healing fires of Homa Therapy which are practised here daily.

We share these ancient Vedic techniques of healing with anyone who wants to learn and implement them in their daily lives.

Tapovan is a working Homa Organic Farm. The whole garden is a testimony to the healing power of Homa Therapy when applied to agriculture. We grow many varieties of fruit and flower trees, vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts, medicinal and culinary herbs.

Cows are an important component on a Homa Farm. The Tapovan Goshala (cow refuge) accommodates an assortment of cows, bulls and calves which provide us with all the cow dung needed for the Homa healing fires here at Tapovan and for other Agnihotra practitioners in the local community.