Homa Organic Farming

What is Homa Organic Farming?

Homa Therapy refers to healing fires of which Agnihotra is the basis. The application of Homa Therapy to agriculture is Homa Organic Farming. HOMA Organic Farming is a system of agriculture that may be added to any organic farming practices.

With chemical fertilizers and pesticides it becomes necessary to increase the dosage and strength or alter formulas as years go by. Then a stage comes when nothing grows unless you use them. If you do use them they ruin the soil and subsoil water. The harmful chemicals are ingested into the body when we eat food grown under these conditions. Then a few years later nothing grows at all and land that was once fertile and produced abundant crops has to be abandoned. These are some of the reasons why several communities started thinking in terms of organic farming and biological pest control. This worked for a while but as the pollution content of the atmosphere increased and things got compounded, organic farmers came into terrific difficulties.

With increased doses of acid rain the top few inches of soil on Earth are likely to be totally destroyed so that nothing will grow. The answer to our ills is HOMA Organic Farming.

  • There is no future now in agriculture without organic farming. But, there is no future in organic farming without Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.
  • Agnihotra heals the atmosphere, replenishes the nutrients necessary for healthy, organically grown crops.
  • Homa Organic Farming is holistic healing for agriculture and can be used in conjunction with any good organic farming system.
  • By practising Homa Organic Farming one can grow maximum yield in minimum agricultural area and keep the soil fertile, the water pure and the atmosphere nutritious.

Find out about the miraculous results being achieved by Homa Organic farmers in India, South America, Europe and Australia.

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