Daily Agnihotra – an Essential Part of Vedic Lifestyle

DAILY AGNIHOTRA is an essential part of our Vedic lifestyle. It is wonderfully short, simple and effective ritual conducing in overall wellbeing and happiness for all. Just as the air, the Sun, the Moon, the stars equally belong to all, similarly Agnihotra also belong to entire humanity irrespective of country, colour, caste or creed. Thus, the Vedic practice of Agnihotra and its benefits belong to the entire humanity.

Agnihotra is not only a saviour but also a rejuvenator of life. Agnihotra cures the environmental pollution in our homes, our localities and our villages, towns and cities. At the same time, it fights mental psychological tensions and set off atmospheric vibrations which exert wondrous curative influence on minds and bodies of individuals and groups. The benefits extend even to house pets, birds, animals, plants and trees.

The sacred Vedas have conferred the right upon each and everybody in the human society to perform Agnihotra and derive benefits individually as well as collectively. Our effort to practice and propagate Agnihotra through Sunday Chanting Group is yielding fruitful results.

While we are observing the 11-day Ganesh festival in the city, the volunteers of Maratha Galli Ganesh Mandal have taken lead to join hands and propagate Agnihotra. The banners enlightening messages of Shree are displayed in the Mantap (Pendal) & also the leaflets containing Agnihotra information are being distributed to all the visitors. Agnihotra is also regularly performed at the Mantap.

Today, we conducted the Sunday Group Chanting Session, at this Ganesh Mantap (photo above), which was attended by large number of Agnihotra performers and witnessed by local residents. It has been raining continuously in Belgaum for the last 3 days and we were apprehensive about the possibility of being able to conduct the session in the Ganesh Mantap.
However, as usual, we once again experienced the “Power of Grace” …the rain had stopped exactly for 2 hours during that time, enabling us to conduct the session as per our plans, in front of the Lord.

The event was published by the local news media.

Myself (Vinayak Lokur), Shri. Abhay Mutalikdesai, Tejasvi Naik, Dilip Chitnis, Satish Nilajkar, Ramesh Laddad, Kallappa Tarale, Rakesh Kalaghatgi, Raju Bhatkhande & several others were present on the occasion.

Om Shree Om