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Why Homa Organic Farming?

The 20th century saw some amazing advances in agriculture technology.

  • agro-chemicals
  • hybrid seeds
  • microbiology
  • genetic engineering
  • Bt cotton
  • terminator gene

However, despite these great technological advances, farmers are still facing severe difficulties in several parts of the world. 

  • In Russia food production has been halved due to lack of nutrition in the soil, air and water.
  • In Amazon region of South America soil degradation and plant diseases are causing serious problems for farmers.
  • In Europe much of the food is radioactive.
  • In India, many farmers caught in a debt spiral, resort to suicide.
  • In the last two years the human population consumed more food than was grown.

Medicinal Plants

  • The essential qualities of plants have been degraded due to severe pollution.
  • Medicinal herbs, in particular, now exhibit less potency than in previous eras.
  • Greater quantities are now required to produce the same result.

There is a Solution...
The solution to these problems lies in 21st century technology ...

... super science from Vruksha Ayurveda ...

More detailed information in the extract by Shree Vasant V. Paranjpe
Homa Farming E-Book available


What is Agnihotra?

  • Agnihotra is a simple healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda.
    Agnihotra is the antidote for all the problems we have created for ourselves and for the whole of Nature.
  • Agnihotra is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire.
  • The process involves preparing a small fire with dried cow-dung cakes in a copper pyramid of fixed size and putting some grains of rice and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) into the fire exactly at sunrise and sunset to the accompaniment of two simple mantras.
  • Agnihotra is the basic HOMA for all HOMA fire practices given in the ancient Vedic sciences of bioenergy, psychotherapy, medicine, agriculture, biogenetics, climate engineering and interplanetary communication. A copper pyramid of fixed size is used in the process of Agnihotra healing fire.
    Copper and gold are the only metals prescribed for the pyramid container used for Agnihotra fire. It is common knowledge of all ancient traditions all over the planet that copper and gold have healing properties. According to science of HOMA Therapy there is only a slight difference between the healing properties of gold and copper when used as pyramid containers for preparing Agnihotra fire.
  • Agnihotra is tuned to the biorhythm corresponding to sunrise/sunset. You can practice Agnihotra in your apartment, garden, office or car. It takes only a few minutes of your time daily.

Who can practise Agnihotra?

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