41st Sunday Session of Group Chanting and Agnihotra in Belgaum, Karnataka

Vinayak Lokur
Belgaum, Karnataka

Sending herewith information & photos of the 41st session of Group Chanting and Agnihotra. It was held on Sunday, 21st April at Vidya Ganapati Temple, KLS GIT college, Belgaum.

It’s an engineering college having a temple at its premise. The staff was informed earlier about this activity and approximately 40 of them attended the Sunday session.
It was a wonderful divine experience with over 70 people participating. The information about Agnihotra was imparted to the people present and kits were made available for the first time practitioners. 10 of them experienced performing Agnihotra along with the group.
Q & A session and experience sharing was done after Agnihotra. The program concluded with Aarti of Lord Ganesha. OM SHREE OM