Mandar Kopare | Allergic Inflammation and Itching

Mandar Kopare
Mumbai, India

        On November 11th, 2011, I started practicing Agnihotra with my friend and Reiki teacher, Rakesh Kumar and with Guruji Ajit Telang. Since then I have been practicing Agnihotra. I had a problem since childhood for about 15 years. Every time I had pitta dosha prakop (aggravation), my whole body used to get red, it had inflammations and continuous itching all over my body. So, I had to take the Avil tablet to get rid of it. I had this pitta dosha problem almost all the time.
However, after learning Agnihotra and practicing it for one month, in December 2011, I had an allergic problem of shitta pitta but I did not have any Avil tablets.

    So I decided to apply powdered Agnihotra ash as talcum powder throughout my body and in a few minutes the itching ceased. And the next morning, there were no spots on my body.
The doctors had told me that this is an allergy that cannot be cured and that I should continue taking Avil tablets whenever such a problem occurs. However, from this moment in December 2011 until today, we are in the year 2019, I have not faced any more problem of shitta pitta.
This led me to start doing some experiments with trees and dogs, which worked very well.
In the beginning of 2012, we also began demonstrating Agnihotra in various places to raise awareness and share our personal experiences.
Thanks to our gurujis Rakesh Kumar and Ajit Telang, who taught us this wonderful ancient technique for the modern Era. With Agnihotra, we are able to heal ourselves and the environment. Thank you.
  (Photo above: Mandar Kopare;
below: sharing Agnihotra)