Seven Day National Service Camp at Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, MP

Students from Adarsh College in Dhamnod attended National Service Scheme during 7 days camp at Homa Therapy Goshala. This way they obtained an immersive experience of Homa Therapy and Environmental Sustainability.
This is a government-supported program; sort of a pre-military training for students. From which they could elect to enter the military.
    Excitement! 37 young boy students between 16 and 18 years of age arrived, as participants in national service project.
They work in villages doing clean-up, taking census, inspection and documenting farms, etc. 

Besides, they cleaned along the Narmada river from the Goshala up to the village (4km one way) and helped sweep the areas in front of the meeting hall and the new dining hall.
They brought and prepared their own food. Every day the duties are rotated.
  Sarvajit Paranjpe has been teaching them very disciplined and organized. Quite inspiring his commitment, focus, patience and love.
The students have been very organized and disciplined. Of course, they brought this high young-people energy with them.

   At sunrise and sunset we did Agnihotra together.
   Attached are photos of the 1st evening Agnihotra at the amphitheatre. Nine of them performed Agnihotra with Sarvajit, Rajesh, Ulrich and me, while others watched.
However, during their stay all learned to set up up the pyramid. They learned the Agnihotra and other Mantras.
At the end, they didn’t want to go. Neither did we want them to. Their teacher said that he had supervised many of these retreats over several years; but, by far, this was the very best!
Everyone was talking photos and selfies… ¡Our Students! Such wonderful, bright, energetic, respectful… grateful young people!