Sewadham Ashram, Ujjain, MP – Update

     Finally, the time had come to be again with the Sewadham Ashram family.
The dedicated work and service (Sewa) of Mr. Sudhir Bhai directed to people completely abandoned by family and society due to their physical or mental disabilities, is extraordinary and inspiring.

Sudhir Bhai (Bhai = Brother) His wife Kanta, their two daughters (Gauri & Monika), and other wonderful people are supporting him in this big task.
Last year we had the honor of introducing Homa Therapy in the Ashram and staying with them for a couple of weeks. This year we stayed longer. When arriving, there was a National Youth Camp in process. Over 300 young people from 18 different states of India (speaking a variety languages) met to exchange experiences and come closer through projects and artistic acts of music, dance, songs, etc.

(Photos above: Agnihotra with the children of the Ashram and some of the Youth Camp attendees. Every day they were welcome for sunrise and sunset Agnihotra.)

Almost daily, Prof. Abel met with physical therapists to teach them more and more about the effects of Homa Therapy, its healing ash and how to use it.

 We spend some hours daily with the children most affected.
We could observe that in Homa atmosphere and through physical stimulation through playing and auditory stimulation with sounds, and music, they stopped looking only at THEIR toy. The children shared with each other, took care of each other and helped each other. Instead of just sitting mostly on one spot, they moved, walked, and were playing happily and attentively. We felt these were amazing changes!

Photos of this page: With children and therapists in the physiotherapy room where they receive massages and other treatments. It was wonderful to see how the grandmothers, who are treated in the same room, help and play with the children, in spite of their problems and pains. The heart talks. Everyone loved to participate in Tryambakam Homa!

 In the area of the male children (from approx. 4 to 16 years of age) the regular practice of yoga could not be missed. They enjoyed this time with Prof. Abel and learned asanas (postures) combined with controlled breathing, imitating animals, birds, trees, etc.

We also practiced Agnihotra often in this space, where they live, eat, sleep and receive their education. (See photos above and to the left.)

The photos below are from one of the meetings and festivities during the Youth Camp, where there were opportunities to inform and rise curiosity aboutHoma Therapy.

Photos on this page show the practice of Agnihotra with the children and the Youth Camp. Some of the Ashram children taught the Agnihotra Mantras and others guided with the

Mantra OM SHREE, while the Fire was burning. This simple Mantra helps to be still, focus inside and meditate.

We witnessed some of the typical dances from 18 states of India, each one unique in its beauty, elegance, expression, costumes, tradition, language, etc.
The children of the Ashram also participated with various artistic acts in god and goddess costumes, which they had learned from the dance teacher.
There was also a press conference and for the following days we could see several newspapers with various articles about Homa Therapy and the Youth Camp.
What a joy with smiles from ear to ear and love from heart to heart with the children of the Sewadham Ashram family!

One sunset Agnihotra we did on the banks of the Shipra river, in the center of Ujjain city, beneath a colossal trident of Shiva. It was the last day of the Youth Camp, which ended with a wonderful cultural event at the river.
 (Photos this page)

The girls and young women were busy with Aleta, doing things they loved and for which there was plenty of time due to school vacations. They danced playfully to Indian music and from different parts of the world; we colored, painted, drew Mandalas, some learned a little English and of course we learned the Tryambakam Mantra and practiced this Homa; each one got to practice it for a little while.

Despite having gone through difficult circumstances in their young age, the girls have a contagious and pure joy. And always, as in good families, one helps and supports the other.
(See photos on this page.)

For the Agnihotra practice in the afternoon, we often met outside and were in the company of Sudhir Bhai and other visitors of the Ashram.

Photos of this page:
Coloring is one of the girls’ favorite occupation and they can spend hours concentrated, without fatigue. Enjoying the challenge of creating a harmonious landscape from inside out, which was successfully

achieved in several sessions! Daily Agnihotra nourishes our minds and our hearts. With its attribute of peace, Agnihotra helps to be calm, to feel safe and sleep well all night.

To paint the hands with henna (a medicinal plant that lowers the internal heat) to cut fabrics and then paste them and make a new picture, were activities where many girls  participated.

Here, the artistic talent and also patience are brought forth. Later, we joined the boys for Yoga with Prof. Abel, balancing the energies. 
(Photos on this page)

Thanks to Sudhir Bhai, his wife Kanta, and the charity of Great Souls, more than 500 handicapped people (who otherwise would be on the street and many of them dead),
 have a home. That means they have a place, a bed, food, clothing, education, medical care, etc., but above all they have loving parents, loving brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles and they live in a healthy and protected environment, more so with the constant practice of Agnihotra.

We want to express our gratitude especially to Mrs. Vidya Didwania

and Mr. Prakash for their help and kindness. 
If you, dear reader, want to know more about the Sewadham Ashram and feel inclined to visit to do some service or make a donation, please see their website:
 All help is
highly valued! 

Our hearts are grateful! We know that each child or adult, through the "Silent Psychotherapy" that occurs in an atmosphere saturated with the Homa fires, can develop their best and are determined to forget their heavy past!
Keep the Homa Fires burning…
 Thank you, Sewadham Family!
A special greeting to all the collaborators of the Ashram, who are constantly attentive to the needs on a material and spiritual level of the Sewadham family.