Sunday Group Chanting & Agnihotra in Belgaum, Karnataka

I am happy to share that we started an activity of getting together on each Sunday, since July 2018 & do Group Chanting & Agnihotra. Yesterday was 36th consecutive Sunday!

We also chant together the Tryambakam Homa, which creates a lot of positive vibration & benefits the performers and the place. We started modestly on 18th July 2018. We meet at a new place every time, about 30 minutes before sunset. We do Om Tyrambakam Homa for 15 minutes, then we chant OM for 5 minutes and then perform group Agnihotra at the local sunset time.

The Sunday host invariably invites his relatives and friends on that evening and thus more people come to know about Agnihotra and personally experience its bliss.

We facilitate newcomers with all necessary items to perform Agnihotra in order to have first-hand experience. Afterwards experiences are being shared, or if anyone has any query the same is addressed. The books/printed text on Agnihotra is also made available in local language.
(Photos above of the orphanage and Seniors’ Home)

Thus more and more people are joining the“Sunday Group” and started practicing Agnihotra regularly at their homes. (We communicate through a WhatsApp Group).

The participants include Business professionals, Agriculturists (Organic farmers), Practicing Doctors, Vaastu Consultant, Corporate trainer, Retired persons, House wives & servicemen.

We have performed Agnihotra at public places like the local Orphanages, Old Age Homes & even in the local Jail, where all the inmates participated in the chanting of Mantras. A couple of times we also performed it at factories and local farms of participants, thus educating the workers and their staff.

This practice has seen lot of motivation and attraction amongst performers, primarily due to the positivity experienced during the practice, which has resulted in more regularity, enhanced commitment to pursue the Five Fold Path and enjoy self-development through the path of light.

The strength of the “Sunday Group” has increased from 10 participants in the beginning to 50+ now in last 8 months and more are waiting to join. We normally have pending invitations for the following 2 to 3 weeks, from the next hosts.
Everyone is enjoying the process.
We find the effectiveness of Agnihotra promotion quite consistent & encouraging so far! Om Shree Om.

Photos above: 37th Sunday Group Agnihotra. A total of 75 people were present.