The Effect of Energy Field of Agnihotra on Water Purification

Dr Ulrich Berk from Germany has conducted several scientific experiments with Agnihotra. One experiment was conducted at the Homa Therapy Goshala in Maheshwar, MP, India in 2013.
The experiment is important because it shows that there is an energy field around Agnihotra which causes the purification effect in water and this energy is not of the known electromagnetic type.
So it poses the question:
“What is this energy, if it is not electromagnetic?”

The paper describing this experiment in detail has now been published in the peer-reviewed Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, Vol. 1 (1), January 2015, pp. 63-68.
(Now also available in Spanish)

Below are some excerpts from the paper.

Agnihotra is a special fire performed exactly at the time of sunrise and sunset in a copper pyramid. It comes from ancient Vedic Knowledge. Agnihotra is said to purify the environment and especially it has been found to have profound impact in mitigating water pollution problem. The present study shows that water will be purified if it is kept in a room where Agnihotra is regularly performed. Water purification also happens if water bottles are kept inside a Faraday Cage in the Agnihotra room. These results suggest that Agnihotra creates an energy field beyond the electromagnetic field which has profound impact.

The experiment was done with three replications. All showed considerable improvements in water quality compared to control in all the five parameters tested. Table 1 shows the results in detail, Table 2 shows the percentage changes as compared to control.

Fig. 4 is a graphical representation comparing properties of all the water samples kept in Agnihotra atmosphere versus control.

Fig. 4 – Comparison of properties of water kept in Agnihotra atmosphere versus control (%)

There was a general improvement of water quality in all the parameters measured as compared to control. These changes are consistent through all three replications.

Although there was some difference between the water samples kept in metal containers and the samples kept in bottles regarding DO, pH, and COD, this difference was rather small compared to the difference with control (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5 – Comparison of properties of water kept in Agnihotra atmosphere (in unshielded bottles and bottles with shields from different materials) versus control (%)

Also, there were some differences between the different kinds of metal containers – but again these differences were small compared to the difference with control. Further, experiments could look deeper into these differences.

The main results with all three replications and all parameters of water quality are that:
a) Agnihotra atmosphere helps to purify water.
b) This effect of purification is there whether or not the water samples are kept in Faraday Cages.

The conclusion seems natural that there is some kind of energy field around Agnihotra which is not of the known electromagnetic type and which is not shielded by Faraday Cages. If someone has some alternative explanation it would be interesting to hear about that.