Agnihotra at Fire Mountain Retreat, Ganeshpuri, MH

   Through Mr. Gopi Rao we came to know about the Fire Mountain Retreat and Shri Nityananda Education Trust in Maharashtra.

Gopi Rao and his wife, Mohini (photo above right) are performing Agnihotra for the last 35 years. They help the NGO’s marketing efforts.
(Photo below: End of the year activities with the children of the tribes of the Tansa River Valley.)

We received this letter from Dewa and Jeanetta Haley (first ones from the left), who are also Agnihotra practitioners and share this knowledge in the retreats:

My husband, Dewa Haley, and I, Jeanetta Monosoff Haley, are from the USA (Oregon, California, and New Mexico) and living in Ganeshpuri Maharashtra for over 9 years.
We came to volunteer at this NGO, Shree Nityananda Education Trust (SNET), created by our meditation teacher, Mark Griffin of Los Angeles area, a devotee of Nityananda Bhagwan and Swami Muktananada. We were asked to take care of the trust and its property in 2008.

Following is a short summary of our work. Please read more about the outreach of our Trust and how anyone can participate in our new website:
SNET was founded in 2005 to provide basic educational, health, and agricultural support to impoverished communities in the Tansa River Valley. SNET strives to provide inspiration and hope to these communities through programs that encourage individuals and groups to become self-sustaining. Over the past eleven years we have identified 31 villages for which we concentrate our work of:
· Water hygiene education and household water purification
· Health education
· Vocational training of men, women, youth 
· Employment of local tribal members to create and maintain retreat facility that caters to International guests. Please also see: 
· Scholarships and educational support for tribal girls
· Men’s Alternative Technology Workshop making wood stove devise
· Community Development through various Community Based Organizations, Self Help Groups and participation training.
· Water shed development, rain water harvesting, and water source protection
· Coordinating with professionals and students of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Mumbai for survey, research and implementation of village-appropriate alternative technology.
We hope that one day you will visit us and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere to rejuvenate from the busyness of modern life, as well as deepen into the spiritual atmosphere of Bhagwan Nityananda’s samadhi shrine.
Jeanetta Monosoff Haley, PhD,
Co-Director Shree Nityananda Education Trust