Homa Therapy Tour of East, North East and Central India

Mr. Tejasvi Naik and his wife, Asha Naik, proud Homa Organic farmers from Belgaum, are on a Homa Therapy tour of North East, East and Central India.

They carry the message of Homa Therapy and Homa Organic farming for self sufficiency.
The couple is traveling for the next two months by car, visiting different places and interacting with various groups of people to educate them about Homa Organic Farming and the importance of regular performance of Agnihotra for health, environment, etc.

They left Belgaum and we wish them a safe and successful journey.
(Photos: Agnihotra on the road, with friends.)

Photos above: Agnihotra in Belgaum at the home of Shri Subhash Joshi.
Photo below: Agnihotra in Belgaum in Harshdhruv Pro Packaging Company.