Agnihotra Works Miracles!

Sachin Gadkari
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

I practice Agnihotra since 2010.
I stayed in a room, which had been vacant for a long time. There were some rooms in the back of the house, but nobody stayed there. At night, no one wanted to go to the backyard, behind the rooms, due to fear of the unknown, since it was a long-time abandoned space.
In the backyard, there were a Jack-fruit tree, a chikoo tree and three small hibiscus plants and a large mango tree.
When I moved here in December 2008, not a single tree was having flowers or giving fruits.

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Tapovan Update 2018

   It was a gift to be in Tapovan with the wholly dedicated and devoted Homa Therapy couple, Anne and Bruce. They were placed there by Master Shree Vasant for this big task at hand:
Anne Godfrey (photo above right) and Bruce Johnson
(photo above left)
are the caretakers, guardians and sustainers of the Homa farm Tapovan with its’ unique 24-hours  ongoing Tryambakam Homa.
They can count on the full support of Sanjay Patil, manager, Bablu, all-round genius, with his family, and the lovely and pure souls of the Tapovan boys (photo below – part of the crew),

Anne’s sewing ladies (photo right- a part of them),
and Aaron, Anne’s son, who lives partly there.

The Paranjpe family plays also a very important role in the management of Tapovan. Only team work can do a great job!
Since a few years, the Tapovan school with Shreekant Paranjpe as the director, is educating children in this unique environment of Mantras and Homas. And wonderful things are happening…

There is so much beauty in things done with love!
And Tapovan is full of it!
is the guiding spirit, full of ideas, full of Divine Motherly Love!

      There are so many different tasks on this farm, where the land is still plowed with bullocks and minimal agricultural machinery is used (photo left).

     There is also a cottage industry for organic products being established in support of this Homa farm with its 24-hour Fire. Some of the products are ground ginger, turmeric, moringa leaves and other herbal superfood products.
 The Homa Biosol Gloria, a wonderful fertilizer is also produced and available at Tapovan.
Every morning and evening, people meet in the large Tryambakam hut for Agnihotra practice (Photos below).

     The 24-hour Fire is going on since 17 years non-stop.
These Homa Fires are part of the breath which gives life to this place.
 This Ancient Land of Tapas, Land of Yogis and Rishis.
From here, healing energies go out for the benefit of the whole planet.

Photos last row: Bablus’ family – his father Prabhakar, his mother Mothyabai, his wife Meenakshi with her sister, his daughter Pinu and son Nandu, are all Agnihotris from their heart and live in Tapovan.

“Why Homa Organic Farming?” by Vasant Paranjpe

Hindi translation
Marathi translation

When things go wrong due to pollution, the elements of nature begin to change. The cohesion of atoms, fusion of atoms begins in a different way as it is described in ATHARVA VEDA. It is stated that if atoms begin refusion and fission in an improper way, a civilization could be destroyed. If HOMA is performed when this takes place it helps mold things harmoniously and a new, beneficial element is produced. Notice we do not say created. Nothing is created, only reshaped. This knowledge is HOMA Therapy. Continue reading ““Why Homa Organic Farming?” by Vasant Paranjpe”